Vendetta Productions


Director: Bariz Shah, Saba Afrasyabi

Executive Producers: Jill Macnab, Phil Bremner

Shocked into action by the massacre of 51 people in their community during the Christchurch Mosque attacks in 2019, Bariz Shah and Saba Afrasyabi are flying to Afghanistan to change the lives of some of Kabul’s most desperate people.

FIFTYONE is an inspiring feature documentary told through the eyes of Bariz and Saba using personal interviews and intimate footage filmed over 3 months in Afghanistan.

Before leaving New Zealand they raise money to initiate 51 micro-finance businesses in honour of those killed in Christchurch.

With determination and tenacity Bariz and Saba achieve incredible raw and intimate access to the lives of their micro finance fund recipients. These people’s stories weave together exposing unimaginable hardship and loss while also sharing the dramatic changes micro-businesses can bring.

Powerful archive footage shows the war-torn and dangerous edge of Afghanistan, yet Saba’s camera finds heart-wrenching emotion and beauty too.

Bariz and Saba's internal conflict is uncovered as they bring together their first and third world life experiences. Through honest interviews they reveal their family history, inner thoughts and difficult past.

FIFTYONE is Bariz Shah and Saba Afrasyabi’s story about what they did, and it is also the story of Saba and Bariz and who they are.

As the film ends, they return to New Zealand and reveal how their humanitarian work has changed their own lives. With the birth of their first child in late 2020, they go forward as determined as ever to use their positive energy for good.